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  • Road to Emmaus - Jesus Lives - Jesus Lives  

Road to Emmaus

In Luke 24 we learn that two of Jesus’ disciples left Jerusalem for Emmaus on resurrection day. They were downcast, even though they had heard about

  • Grace Within Chaos - Jesus Lives - Jesus Lives  

Grace Within Chaos

Ever since the Corona Virus came on the scene global chaos has exploded. Getting reliable and truthful information regarding infection rates and death stats is nearly

  • Grace - Jesus Lives - Jesus Lives  


Health issues can be challenging. As we age, they seem to increase daily. I look forward to the new body God promises us when we are

  • Following God’s Will - Jesus Lives - Jesus Lives  

Following God’s Will

As Christians, our desire should be to walk worthy of the Lord, being fruitful in every good work. Paul interceded for the church of Colossae, asking

  • Find Joy In A Few Small Things - Jesus Lives - Jesus Lives  

Find Joy In A Few Small Things

Have you found yourself a bit down and sad lately? Maybe you’re in a funk and feelings of being overwhelmed have hit you in the gut.

  • Fear Is A Snare - Jesus Lives  

Fear Is A Snare

Fear and anxiety work as hooks, lures, and traps. The Devil uses these emotions as bait to entangle and paralyze men. To avoid this snare, we

  • The Gospel Of Jesus Christ - Jesus Lives  

The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

The word gospel means good news. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news of His coming to provide forgiveness of sins for all who

  • Thanksgiving - Jesus Lives  


Giving thanks for our many blessings makes for a terrific holiday. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. The Pilgrims endured much adversity their

  • Light Of The World - Jesus Lives  

Light Of The World

If you were to light a match and hold it up against a wall, you’d see a shadow of the matchstick but not the tiny flame.

  • Lead Us Not Into Temptation - Jesus Lives  

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

The first scripture many children learn to memorize is Matthew 6:9-13. It’s known as the Lord’s Prayer. God placed it in the Bible as a prayer

  • Be Like Jesus - Jesus Lives  

Be Like Jesus

God wants to have an intimate relationship with us. He knows us inside and out but how well do we know Him? Are we intimately acquainted

  • An Organized Army of Darkness - Jesus Lives  

An Organized Army of Darkness

There are ranks of power within the 5 main branches of our military (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard). They are armed

  • Faith: Deliberate Confidence - Jesus Lives  

Faith: Deliberate Confidence

Our faith in God is like a plant, a perennial. Perennials come back every year. However, there are some years when perennials rise from the earth

  • Get Out Of Ur! - Jesus Lives  

Get Out Of Ur!

What do we know about Abraham? As one of the most important patriarchs of the Bible, it’s worth taking a moment to examine his life. Like

  • Uniquely Designed By God - Jesus Lives  

Uniquely Designed By God

Recently, I spoke with a friend who attended several concerts and musical lectures about the life and amazing talents of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart was a

  • Waiting on God - Jesus Lives  

Waiting on God

Waiting can be very challenging. Whether we are in the slowest checkout line at the grocery store or asking God to answer a prayer, delays are

  • Why Do We Fear? - Jesus Lives  

Why Do We Fear?

Fear is rooted in what we believe. Circumstances, words, and things we see or hear can provoke it. To live a victorious life for Christ, we

  • Purity Amidst Impurity - Jesus Lives  

Purity Amidst Impurity

Sexual impurity abounds! It’s everywhere. Promiscuity has become the norm in our society. While waiting in grocery store checkout lines, we see it plastered over all

  • Strength When Weak - Jesus Lives  

Strength When Weak

In the Old Testament, God often told the leaders of Israel to reduce the size of their army. In Judges 7, God ordered Gideon to reduce

  • Stressed But Not Stressed Out! - Jesus Lives  

Stressed But Not Stressed Out!

There are times when life is stressful. It is not a question of if but when tension will find us because stressful situations are a part

  • Weary In Spirit - Jesus Lives  

Weary In Spirit

Are you frustrated with Christian leaders twisting the Word of God and deceiving their sheep with sugarcoated sermons? I am! Do you long for your eternal

  • Dwelling In Christ - Jesus Lives  

Dwelling In Christ

There are many significant Bible characters that did not have a set dwelling place. The children of Israel wandered the desert for 40 years. King Saul

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