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Jesus Lives is a Bellevue based, non-profit evangelical grass roots ministry built on the words of Jesus Christ and the movement of the Holy Spirit. The leadership runs Jesus Lives much like the early church, and we have one mission: To spread the word of God, build disciples, and usher in end time revival.

Those that are called to serve at Jesus Lives feel that revival is coming to the Seattle area and we know through multiple confirmations from the Holy Spirit and Christian leadership around the world that Jesus Lives is playing a large role.

We live in a world where the enemy now has full control over social media, many aspects of the federal government, the news we depend on, the music we listen to, and even the entertainment industry.

Those are just the strong footholds worth mentioning, and that is why God is using Jesus Lives to build and strengthen a body of Christ to usher in ‘end time’ revival where people can encounter and experience Jesus Christ.

Everyone at Jesus Lives serves Christ out of the love of God, our worship leaders, pastors and teachers are not paid a salary.

Currently, we meet twice a week for Worship and to hear the Word of God and services are every Thursday evening at 7:30 PM for regular church services, and every Saturday evening at 7:30 PM for revival services.

The first Saturday evening of each month we host a Spanish Service.


Devotionals from the Holy Spirit

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Health issues can be challenging. As we age, they seem to increase daily. I look forward to the new body God promises us when we are home with the Lord.

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Following God’s Will

As Christians, our desire should be to walk worthy of the Lord, being fruitful in every good work. Paul interceded for the church of Colossae, asking God to fill them

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Find Joy In A Few Small Things

Have you found yourself a bit down and sad lately? Maybe you’re in a funk and feelings of being overwhelmed have hit you in the gut. Stress can take a

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JOHN 4:23

“But the time is coming — and is here! — when true worshippers will worship in spirit and truth. The Father looks for those who worship him that way.”

Our Pastor is from the wilderness of Alaska and the Arctic Circle. God is using him to preach to the poor and deliver an incredible message for mankind.

Learn more about Phil Fischer and our Pastors, Elders, and Teachers.


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Please come as you are! Jeans, tee shirts, it does not matter. Were building a body of Christ, come and be part of God’s plan for Seattle.

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