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  • Salt Of The Earth - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

Salt Of The Earth

Salt has been used in many cultures as a valuable commodity. During Roman times, salt was so precious it provided a means to pay soldiers. Our

  • Cleanse Me, Lord! - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

Cleanse Me, Lord!

Children love playing in mud! They have no understanding of hygiene. They eat with their hands and then decide to comb their hair with sticky fingers.

  • Transformed! Changed! (Easter Message) - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

Transformed! Changed! (Easter Message)

God speaks to us through nature. The transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly is a wonderful analogy of a believer’s sanctification process. While we

  • Biblical Love - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

Biblical Love

Those looking to criticize Jesus and His followers suggest that Christians lack compassion and love when they make a stand against sin. Politically correct topics such

  • Hard Heart - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

Hard Heart

The seat of our emotions lies within our heart. The Bible warns us to guard our heart because it is the wellspring of life. Everything we

  • Anger - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  


What causes us to become angry? People or situations are not the cause of our anger. Rather, anger is caused by completely legitimate desires that take

  • Jellyfish Christianity - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

Jellyfish Christianity

Jellyfish are invertebrates; they don’t have a backbone. Nor do they have a brain or heart. They are 95% water. Sadly, there are many jellyfish Christians

  • Reputation - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  


Does Jesus care if we have a good name (a combination of reputation and character) or honorable reputation? Should Christians be concerned with how others see and judge

  • God’s Power At Work - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

God’s Power At Work

Genesis 38 tells us how Judah found a wife for his eldest son, Er. Unfortunately, Er was wicked in the Lord’s sight, so the Lord put

  • REST - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  


Rest! Relax! Refresh yourself and recover your strength! God rested on the seventh day and Jesus had solitary moments of quiet time. God designed us with

  • We Were Made To Worship - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

We Were Made To Worship

God created man with emotions and designed us with many ways to express them. Our bodies were made to move (we can dance) and we have

  • God’s Faithfulness - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

God’s Faithfulness

Abraham did not want his son Isaac to marry a Canaanite, so he sent his servant to his homeland in search of a bride. Once in

  • A Heavenly Focus - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

A Heavenly Focus

Life on earth is full of trials, tests, and tribulations. Of course, there are also many days of tranquility, contentment (if we have the right attitude),

  • Seven More Days - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

Seven More Days

A cataclysmic flood destroyed mankind and all living things on earth, except for eight human beings and the pairs of animals God supernaturally directed to the

  • The Cares Of This World - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

The Cares Of This World

Our spirits require food, spiritual food. Reading the Bible, listening to Christian music, conversing with Christian friends about the Lord, attending church, and time in prayer

  • Light Of The World - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

Light Of The World

Pitch black, darkness. A lack of light means that there is visual or spiritual impairment. To walk in darkness is to stumble along or live and

  • A Need For Fellowship - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

A Need For Fellowship

Communication is vital to any healthy relationship. When we open our hearts and share our needs, hopes, desires, and fears with others we give intimacy permission

  • Our Thought Life - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

Our Thought Life

What do you think about as you drift off to sleep? What is the first thing on your mind when you wake up? (Besides coffee!) Do

  • Jesus Said Thank You - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

Jesus Said Thank You

America has set aside a special day to give thanks. It is appropriately called, Thanksgiving. The holiday feast dates back to November 1621, when the newly arrived

  • Yearning for Christ - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

Yearning for Christ

God desires a personal relationship with all of His children. The Bible tells us that He seeks His sheep. He knows us intimately and enjoys our

  • Four Basic Elements - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

Four Basic Elements

Science says we need at least four basic elements to survive: water, air, food, and light. The Bible defines our Lord as these very elements! Jesus

  • Earthly Goods - Jesus Lives - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

Earthly Goods

Throughout history, man has questioned why some are born into wealth and others into poverty. It is God who places us into a family. He selects

  • A Pure Heart - Jesus Lives - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

A Pure Heart

Is a pure heart simply a heart free from sin? A lack of sinfulness is certainly a benefit obtained by maintaining a pure heart, but Biblical

  • A Cup Of Sweet Water - Jesus Lives - Page 2 - Jesus Lives  

A Cup Of Sweet Water

Jesus Christ Renews us when we take a drink Christ is our sweet water. He satisfies our thirst for love, justice, compassion, and understanding. He hydrates


A single seed can do fantastic things A single seed can do fantastic things! Yes, a small and undeveloped grain has the potential to feed many

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