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A Phil Fischer Devotional: Did the Israelites really eat Manna?

God appointed Moses to lead His people out of Egypt. For over 400 years they were enslaved but God heard their cries and delivered them. He prepared Moses for the incredible task of leading the Israelites out of Egypt, through the wilderness, and eventually to the promised land. “Then He said to Abram: “Know certainly that

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Fear Is A Snare

Fear and anxiety work as hooks, lures, and traps. The Devil uses these emotions as bait to entangle and paralyze men. To avoid this snare, we must know God... His character, Power, and Love. In knowing our Father intimately, we are able to trust Him with confidence. Resting in His power and grace stirs hope

  • Gospel Of Jesus Christ

A Phil Fischer Devotional: The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

The word gospel means good news. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news of His coming to provide forgiveness of sins for all who believe. Ever since Adam and Eve’s original sin in the Garden of Eden, mankind has been under the condemnation of God (Romans 5:12). Since He is holy, He cannot

  • Thanksgiving

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Thanksgiving

Giving thanks for our many blessings makes for a terrific holiday. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. The Pilgrims endured much adversity their first year in the new world and wanted to thank God for their harvest and survival. Sadly, many Americans no longer believe in God. They don’t offer up songs

  • Light Of The World

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Light Of The World

If you were to light a match and hold it up against a wall, you’d see a shadow of the matchstick but not the tiny flame. Light has no shadow. God is light and in Him there is no darkness. Light is the character of God. He is not a light; He is light itself.

  • Temptation

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Lead Us Not Into Temptation

The first scripture many children learn to memorize is Matthew 6:9-13. It’s known as the Lord’s Prayer. God placed it in the Bible as a prayer model for all believers. The prayer begins with Jesus acknowledging His (and ours) relationship with God by calling out Our Father. He then declares heaven to be God’s realm

  • Jesus

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Be Like Jesus

God wants to have an intimate relationship with us. He knows us inside and out but how well do we know Him? Are we intimately acquainted with His nature, attributes, and personality? How would you describe Jesus? Several scriptures mention how others viewed Him. Jesus knew what it was like to be rejected and despised.

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