Meet the Leadership

Phil Fischer is an old school evangelist from the wilderness that preaches the gospel under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and he does not hold back.

Raised in the 70’s and 80’s deep in the Alaskan/Yukon wilderness, Phil has had a creative life both as a successful recording artist and as an internet entrepreneur.

In the 90’s Phil founded two successful rock bands and ghost wrote a string of hits for several Seattle grunge bands during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. In 1997 Phil found success as a dot com entrepreneur; building a successful internet business.

Currently making the transformation from Evangelist into the Five Fold Gifting of Pastor, Phil is the founder of Jesus Lives which is a non-profit 501c evangelical mission’s organization based on Holy Spirit anointed worship and the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The talent God has given Phil to reach out to the wounded and downtrodden is amazing and his unique life and testimony has given him an unusual ability to preach a word that is honest and hits you right where it counts.

Phil can be heard every Thursday night at 7:30 PM at Jesus Lives in Bellevue, Washington, and occasionally at outreach events in the Seattle area.

A different kind of Pastor

Seattle is the front line of the spiritual war.

The territorial spirits that control Seattle, Portland and San Francisco have a firm grip on its inhabitants and are unlike anything ever seen before by man; and it’s spreading to other areas quickly.

We are living in the beginning of sorrows with many of the revelation prophecies and birth pains revealing themselves right before our eyes.

Since the tech explosion, the enemy now has full control. Using his oblivious agents, he is continually producing a smorgasbord of media, fake news, internet assets, propaganda, software, and laws that have mankind all around the world trapped and living in a bondage that grows worse as new generations crash onto the earth.

Leading people to Christ in this region is difficult and in a nutshell that’s the heart of Jesus Lives; leading people to Christ in an ungodly region of the world.

In 2016 the two members of Jesus Lives visited Azusa Now in Los Angeles and Phil received a prophetic message from a Bethel Pastor that revival was going to happen in Seattle and to prepare for the ministry to explode.

A year later Phil received the same message from Rodney Howard Browne.

Phil stepped out in faith and followed the call of Jesus Christ by creating Jesus Lives, a non-profit 501c evangelical mission’s organization based on Holy Spirit anointed worship and revival services and the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Phil Fischer’s primary gifting is an evangelist and the ability God has given to him to reach out to the lost and wounded in this region can be seen every Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM in Bellevue, Washington.

Phil is married to his wonderful wife Jamael Fischer, and together they are raising three wonderful children .

They call Bellevue, Washington home.

Worship Director

Vanessa King Love

Vanessa King Love has been in church all her life. At age 5, she began singing with her family. By age 9 she and her family joined a church where she gave her life to God and received the Holy Spirit. At church, she learned to sing with stage presence and performance while making sure viewers and listeners experienced the power and anointing of God through her singing.

In Vanessa’s 20s and beyond, she joined Total Experience, New Jerusalem Church COGIC, Northwest Connection, Washington State Mass, New Covenant Christian Center Choirs, and Washington Cathedral (Worship Leader), where her talents were nurtured. Through these experiences, she was challenged to become a better worship leader and choir participant!

She became a solo artist during the late 80s, as well as recorded a CD project titled “More Than A Savior” in 2001. She is a vocal artist, song writer, play writer, dramatic arts director, and currently the worship director at Jesus Lives, located in Bellevue Washington.

She loves singing with an amazing team, pianist, bass player (David, Diana, and Dylan) as well as on special occasions with our pastor Phil, the anointed guitarist!

Board Member

Julian Valentine

I was a bartender working in the Seattle nightlife scene and was living in constant sin without any true purpose or direction in life and to be honest I had no idea where I was going.

I had a horrible and selfish attitude and all I worried about was how I could get the most from life with the least amount of effort.

I was introduced to Jesus Lives in 2016, by Phil Fischer who is a man on fire for God and through his insistence, I started coming every week on Thursday nights and I slowly began to change. I now get to lead Prayer and testimony and through Phil’s efforts have reconciled with my wife and son.

Every Thursday Jesus started to get back into my life and I was slowly being blessed and transformed before I even realized what was going on.

This is an amazing ministry, I want to be a part of what is happening here. Jesus Lives!

Jamael Fischer
Board Member

Jamael Fischer

Jamael Fischer is the wife of Phil Fischer and has been serving at New Hope International Church for over twenty years.

She is the only daughter of Mary Jo Calkins, the spiritual elder of New Hope International Church and like Julian and Nicole, she wants to see revival breakout in Seattle and all over this nation.

Jamael has been attending New Hope International Church since she was 9 years old and serving in Jesus lives since 2010.

She loves to reach out to non believers and she is a prayer warrior and a strong servant of Christ who can be seen by Phil’s side almost every Thursday evening at services.

Jamael led Phil to Christ back in 2001 and both have been serving the Lord ever since.

Jamael currently serves in the prayer ministry and child care at Jesus lives and raises three children James 18, Tristan 16, and Lux 14.

Board Member

Romie Singh

I grew up in Northern India, Punjab. I’m raised by my honorable parents who always pushed me to stay close to God. When I was little they forced me to go to temple because they knew there is good in it. I didn’t understand back then but now I’m grateful.

When I moved to states, I went to church Home in Kirkland where I learned a lot from Pastor Judah and Chelsea Smith. Then I met my wife Martha Bailon and she brought me to New Hope International Church. I was amazed by Pastor Lao. He really helped me to be better person and bring me closer to God.

Pastor Phil brought me to Jesus Lives. He dedicated his life to serve this community and providing spiritual guidance to everyone who needs. His commitment to faith, integrity and service inspired me and the members of Jesus Lives.

Since I got into ministry and started serving. I got to really know what it takes to be a disciple and what’s the real meaning of life. Jesus Lives has transformed my life to be more loving, kind and be at peace. Now I just wish everyone can see that how much Jesus loves us. He already made the platform for us to stay above our brokenness and darkness.

Im an Usher. I have a purpose to serve others and be more like Jesus. I’m excited to see where God takes me 😊 .

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Please come as you are! Jeans, tee shirts, it does not matter. We’re building a body of Christ, come and be part of God’s plan for Seattle.