Devotionals & Musings from the Holy Spirit

A Friendly Game of Hide-and-Seek

We all enjoyed a good game of hide-and-seek As children, we all enjoyed a good game of hide-and-seek. We would dash off searching for the perfect

The treasure of Jesus

Jesus Christ is our treasure and our joy over finding this eternal treasure far surpasses the cost it takes to obtain it. The Christian life requires

Rejoice Always

Always rejoice! Most of us are acquainted with death and the accompanying pain that comes from losing a dear one. Jesus felt this pain and loss.

Are You Feeling Like Myrrh?

The Book of Revelation is an amazing book. The apostle John wrote it while on the island of Patmos. It is a book of prophecy and

Memorizing Scripture

There are many reasons why Christians should memorize Scripture. What first jumps into my mind is our desire to know the one we love. In worldly

What Does The Lord Require?

Because of His incredible love, God created man. He wanted to share eternity with us. But He also created mankind with a specific purpose. We are

Trying Not To Stumble

God uses the world around us to speak His lessons of truth. Biblical analogies are endless when we look at nature and our bodies. Consider our

God Is A River Of Life

A river is persistent in overcoming all barriers. When moving water comes to an obstacle, it is blocked for but a time. Rivers will naturally create

Learning From Our Children

God loves children and considers them precious. Their innocence is praised by Jesus and was used to reproof prideful adults who did not appreciate their lowly

What Love Really Is!

As Valentines Day draws near, the tradition of giving flowers, candy, or a card is probably on your mind. But what is love, really? Is it


Luke 15 speaks of God’s forgiveness and unconditional love in three different parables. The story of the prodigal son is as applicable today as when Jesus

Father Time and Baby New Year

Father Time is the personification of the previous year, usually depicted as an old man with wings dressed in white robes and carrying an hourglass. Traditionally,

Envy vs. Jealousy

Envy vs. Jealousy There is a difference between envy and jealousy. Jealousy has to do with holding on to what you already have because you are

Christmas Tests and Temptations

For many, Christmas is a time of rejoicing with family and loved ones. Holiday traditions, like decorating the family Christmas tree, occur but once a year.

Change this Christmas!

We all struggle with sin. Different sins plague each of us but we all fall short in the eyes of God. It is a lifelong battle

Walking With Fear

“Sometimes fear does not subside and one must choose to do it afraid.” ~Elizabeth Elliot I would like to say that my faith is so strong

Thankful For Friends

God created us with an innate need to connect with others. Newborns recognize their mother’s voice upon birth, and many believe while still in utero. Like

Total Obedience!

God expects His children to be obedient, completely obedient! Partial obedience is disobedience in the eyes of our heavenly Father. We cannot pick and chose what

Imitators of Christ

How easy it is to see the flaws in others! The rude customer at Walmart, the impatient driver who cuts us off, the mom who ignores

How Do I Heal?

“’For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,’ says the LORD.” Jeremiah 30:17a Life is never just smooth sailing and good

God’s tough love

How reassuring it is that God promises to meet our needs! “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by

The Power Of Encouragement

Encouragement is emphasized in the Bible because it is necessary to our walk of faith. Jesus told us that, “In this world you will have trouble.

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