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  • Weary In Spirit

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Weary In Spirit

Are you frustrated with Christian leaders twisting the Word of God and deceiving their sheep with sugarcoated sermons? I am! Do you long for your eternal home or miss loved ones who are already there? Are you asking Jesus to return now? Recently, weariness overtook my heart. I was angry with government officials who supported

  • Dwelling In Christ

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Dwelling In Christ

There are many significant Bible characters that did not have a set dwelling place. The children of Israel wandered the desert for 40 years. King Saul had David running for his life and John the Baptist was a desert dweller, moving from spot to spot. They did not reside in one location for very long.

  • salt of the earth

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Salt Of The Earth

Salt has been used in many cultures as a valuable commodity. During Roman times, salt was so precious it provided a means to pay soldiers. Our English word salary comes from the word salarium, a name given to this mineral when it functioned as a currency. Its value as a rare commodity during the Middle Ages

  • Cleanse Me, Lord

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Cleanse Me, Lord!

Children love playing in mud! They have no understanding of hygiene. They eat with their hands and then decide to comb their hair with sticky fingers. Infants and children must be taught the importance of cleanliness. Germs cause infections and poor health. Cuts and injuries must be disinfected and cleansed before clean bandages are applied.

  • easter

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Transformed! Changed! (Easter Message)

God speaks to us through nature. The transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly is a wonderful analogy of a believer’s sanctification process. While we walked in sin, we were all ugly caterpillars. Upon accepting Jesus as Lord, we entered the pupa stage. This is when our spiritual metamorphosis begins. While inside the

  • biblical love

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Biblical Love

Those looking to criticize Jesus and His followers suggest that Christians lack compassion and love when they make a stand against sin. Politically correct topics such as gay marriage, full-term abortion, and premarital sex are especially hot topics. However, God’s primary nature is to love. This was demonstrated by His rescue plan for us through

  • Heart

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Hard Heart

The seat of our emotions lies within our heart. The Bible warns us to guard our heart because it is the wellspring of life. Everything we do flows from it. The Blue Letter Bible states, the heart is like a reservoir from which our lives flow. My mouth, my hands, and feet are the pipes

  • Anger

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Anger

What causes us to become angry? People or situations are not the cause of our anger. Rather, anger is caused by completely legitimate desires that take over our heartstrings. They are desires that begin to control us. When desires gain this much power over us they are no longer legitimate. These desires become monsters of

  • jellyfish

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Jellyfish Christianity

Jellyfish are invertebrates; they don’t have a backbone. Nor do they have a brain or heart. They are 95% water. Sadly, there are many jellyfish Christians and theologians today. If we are not careful, we can subtly become one too. This happens when we begin to compromise, shift our positions, or hide our biblical beliefs

  • Let your light so shine before men

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Reputation

Does Jesus care if we have a good name (a combination of reputation and character) or honorable reputation? Should Christians be concerned with how others see and judge their character? The answer is, yes! When we live a life according to God’s word, letting His light shine within us, we will not only glorify God in our

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