Phil Fischer

“Phil Fischer is an evangelist and founder of Jesus Lives, a non-profit 501c evangelical mission’s organization based on Holy Spirit anointed worship and revival services and the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Phil’s testimony of his upbringing alone at a very young age in the Alaskan wilderness and the ability God has given to him to reach out to the lost can be seen every Thursday night at 7:00 PM in Bellevue, Washington and Saturday nights in Tent City homeless communities.”

My Pastor, Varun Laohaprasit of New Hope International Church, had always told me I had the gifting of evangelism, but I never wanted to evangelize or teach the word of God because I was embarrassed to talk about Jesus in front of people. Over the last two years, I have seen how the Holy Spirit changes people’s lives both here in the United States and overseas in countries like India and Thailand and the Middle East.

In January of 2015 , The Holy Spirit began pushing me to leave the world of music and .com behind and to enter into evangelism.

It was a scary time for me letting my dreams go to sell Jesus Christ, specially in Seattle but the Holy Spirit revealed to me that revival was going to break out in Seattle and to prepare. This was further confirmed by a prophecy given to me by a Pastor from Bethel Church at the Azuza now conference after a 40 day fruit and vegetable Daniel’s fast.

It was confirmed again by Rodney Howard Browne in late 2017 during a conference in Washington State.

After that those two prophecies, God began to give me supernatural wisdom about the body of Christ, the current world situation, and how important it is to see lives being touched here in Seattle and around the world with true revival, and true worship and a true love for Jesus Christ.

Phil Fischer was the lead singer of The X Box Boys, one of the most downloaded rock bands on the internet in 2012.

Phil also left behind his internet career to follow the call of Jesus and start a revival and prayer ministry in Bellevue, and in Seattle Saturday evenings.

Phil’s teachings are from the Holy Spirit and never prepared. They emphasize a growing passion for Jesus through intimacy with God, doing evangelism and missions work preparing for the return of Jesus.

Phil is married with three small children and lives in Bellevue, Washington with his wife Jamael.

Phil’s music is distributed nationwide at Lifeway Family Christian Centers but his music is for free at www.philfischer.com.

Nicole Miller

Before coming to know Christ, I was living a life of self-doubt, depression and anxiety. I was always trying to fit in with the wrong crowd and prove myself to others. I was searching for something to fill the void in my heart, but I didn’t know what that something was.

Phil reached out to me at a small restaurant in Renton and I started to attend Jesus Lives when it was just a few people. I started receiving the word of God every Thursday night and I began to change. Meeting God through the scripture and through the wonderful and genuine people of Christ gave a purpose to my life.

I have been attending Jesus Lives for a little over a year and my life has completely changed. My perspective is brighter and I have a solid hope for the future. I serve on Thursdays by helping with Testimony and prayer, and a month ago Phil asked me if I would like to become a board member and I agreed!

I’m am excited to see where God will lead us with Jesus Lives!


Julian Valentine

I was a bartender working in the Seattle nightlife scene and was living in constant sin without any true purpose or direction.  Just a selfish attitude and how I could get the most from life with the least amount of effort.

I was introduced to Jesus Lives about a year ago by Phil Fischer who is a man on fire for God and though his insistence, I started coming every week on Thursday nights and slowly began to change. I now get to lead Prayer and testimony.

Every Thursday Jesus started to get back into my life and I was slowly being blessed and transformed before I even realized what was going on. I want to be a part of what is happening here.

Jesus Lives!  Julian@jesuslives.com

Jamael Fischer

Jamael Fischer is the wife of Phil Fischer and has been serving at New Hope International Church for over twenty years. She is the only daughter of Mary Jo Calkins the spiritual elder of New Hope International Church and like Julian and Nicole, she wants to see revival breakout in Seattle and all over this nation.

Jamael has been attending Jesus lives since it had no members, and has been attending New Hope International Church since she was 9 years old.

Jamael currently serves in the prayer ministry at Jesus lives and raises three children James 15, Tristan 14, and Lux 12.  


Jesus Lives

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