The Harvest is Plentiful

But the Workers are Few

Phil has never been welcomed in conventional church settings to preach the word of God,  but they love him in tent city communities.

When Phil was asked to preach to tent city, he jumped at the chance and the very first Saturday evening service took place at a community in the Magnolia area of Seattle.  It was raining so hard that the small white tent they were using had rain leaking along the inside walls and the floors were wet and muddy.

People were standing on pallets to keep dry but the Holy Spirit came down so strong  that everyone at Jesus lives was moved with compassion,  and Phil knew that these were the very people that God wants to use for the end time harvest.

If Jesus was here, these are the very people He would preach to.

After that first evening service in Magnolia, Phil made a commitment and promise to God to help these people know the love of Christ.

Today Phil is a loved guest throughout Seattle and Portland’s homeless communities, and can often be seen preaching on Saturday nights in large kitchen tents,  or in city parks near Tent City locations.

Phil often shows up with twenty or thirty Pagliacci’s pizza boxes in hand and Saturday night services at Jesus lives are all about spreading the gospel to the very people that need it.

That is our mission at Jesus Lives.

It’s hard for most people to understand, but those people who are experiencing homelessness do not have a place to call home.

It does not matter where they are sleeping.  Whether its a couch, abandoned buildings, or a homeless shelter they have NO HOME.

Not having a place to call home causes anxiety and insecurity and when you compound that with worry about food, it makes it very hard to start over.

Many of the people in homelessness do not have a regular kind of job and that means sporadic income and as a result it’s almost impossible to get healthcare.

Going to a doctor like we do is not something available to them and as a result their basic medical needs get ignored.

Many are without money and even basics like clean clothes or clean water. Things we take for granted.

Jesus Lives is committed to sharing the gospel in these communities Every Saturday night. We are currently looking for facilities in downtown Seattle.

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